Hey, I’m Kenny
A designer in London currently working on Hardware + Software at Block — Bitkey
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Hey, I’m Kenny
A designer in London currently working on product at Cash App
Currently listening to on Spotify
Hey 👋 I'm Kenny. A product Designer currently working on Hardware + Software at Block.

Before Block, I was on the Cash App Global Team working on letting people do more with their money—no matter where they live in the world.

Before Cash, I moved to London to work at Wise. Our mission was to build money without borders: moving it instantly, transparently, conveniently, and - eventually - for free. During my time there I worked with a small group of designers to reimagine the Wise app experience from the ground up, putting what customers care about most on the home screen. I also worked on redesigning the Customer Support experience—from the homepage to chatting with an agent, and everything in between.

Before moving to London in 2020 I worked in San Fransisco, California at Apartment List. There I helped find renters a home they love by leading the discovery experience for web and mobile customers.

· 2023-Present

Cash App

· 2022-2023


· 2020-2022

Apartment List

· 2018-2020


· 2016-2018


· 2015-2016

Patents + Publications
TransferWise Collection
Various projects + explorations I've worked on at TransferWise
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Charity Donation Platform
Redesigned the iOS app from the ground up — from user profiles to landing screen content.
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Worlds Best
Luxury E-Commerce Site
Worlds Best to rethink how an e-commerce site could sell the most luxurious products on earth
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