Product Designer
Over the past 18 months I have lead the design of several new products at Gliffy. Here's is a quick looks at those + some of the things I've learned along the way.
Make a list. Check it twice
I enjoy working with product manager’s to define the project requirements, not just translating them into designs.
Ship it
Having worked through multiple release cycles I can identify and prioritize what details matter at each stage.
Communication +1
My background in engineering allows me to effectively communicate with developers to ensure the fit and finish feels right.
Filter out the noise
By conducting various user interviews and studies I can translate insights into meaningful action and experiences.
For the love of data
I believe that designs should be informed by data but never data driven.
Cross-platform thinking
I've worked on desktop web apps, iOS, and Android and know when something can translate across platforms and when they cant
Gliffy Web App
We redesigned the Gliffy web app from the ground up. Updating the color palette, iconography, and interactions allowed us to modernize the user experience.
Slide to see before and after 👌
Gliffy Enterprise
This new Enterprise plan is catered to large corporations that need a secure location for storing action plans, concepts and ideas. In addition, we created an Admin Panel that makes it easy to manage teams and users at scale.
Document Manager
We had the opportunity to design the #1 requested feature for Gliffy online. Now with Gliffy Document Manager you and your team can easily and quickly edit a diagram, and because its shared, everyone gets the update automatically.
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