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Product Designer
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iOS, Android, Web Design, User Research
As our user base grows, the cost of customer service grows as well. User research found that customers want to speak with a real human when dealing with stressful situations such has personal finance. We already had phone centres set up but these can be quite expensive to the business as well as customers (as not all numbers are toll-free). We decided to launch a chat service that satisfied both needs as it still allows for human contact while being more effective.
- First contact resolution is 80%
- Customer service agents are able to handle more contacts per hour
- Channel share shift from phones and email to live chat
Summary: The launch of live chat on native platforms has exceeded our expectations.

- In the first quarter of being launched we were able to resolve 87% of cases coming through chat on first contact
- Because agents are in 1:1 phone calls less, they're able to work on an average of 7 contacts per hour
- Live chat is on track to comprise of 35% of all contacts within just a few months
Various chat flow screens
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