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Our goal for this project is to increase positive interest creation; the positive results from the native implementation provides more certainty that Tron could be a successful approach.
If there’s less friction in the cycling process , renters will view more and thus find more places they like.
Product Designer
I joined Apartment List shortly after the first version of Project Tron had been released as the control experience on our platform. While our leading indicators for success showed that we were achieving our goals for getting more users to see more properties in a single session we also learned that the rate at which people were signing leases through our platform has decreased since the features release. My task as the design lead for the oversight of this project was to figure out why this was happening and how it could be resolved.
Legacy Experience
- Highlights section shows which aspects of the listing match the users preferences
- Details include: All available unit info, Location and POI’s, In-Unit and Community amenities, Lease details
Tron V1
- Less information to process
- Quickly cycle through more properties by swiping on cards or using the interest buttons
- Ability to add listings to a shortlist to quickly reference them during the session
- Even easier to take actions via more prominent CTA’s
From the results of the first version of Project Tron, it's easy to see that in terms of users seeing more properties and saving them to the shortlist the experience was very successful. When watching users interact with the product via and hotjar recordings we were able to see that while quantitatively the results are very positive, qualitatively the story was quite different.  
Qualitative Key Takeaways
- Users want to click into the card listing to see more details
- Users seem to be hesitating to figure out how to start with Tron
- Users were contacting the properties more often because they wanted to learn more information about the property. This was information we had but removed in favor of making the information needed to process when evaluating a property less
Due to the large gains Tron V1 was able to achieve in terms of getting people to view more listings per session, the product team wanted to ensure that cycling experience would stay intact while adding more information about the listing for users. In addition to user testing interviews, I sent out a survey to existing users of the platform to understand what information they were looking for when evaluating a property.
Legacy Experience
Tron V1
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